Amat Escalante's new film in Venice




The Untamed is part of the Official Selection of the Venice International Film Festival, its premiere will take place in this festival too. 

The movie was filmed and developed in Guanajuato, the cast icludes: Ruth Ramos, Simone Bucio, Jesús Meza, and Edén Villavicencio, they represent the provocative actors which have guided Amat Escalante to colaborate with Gibran Portela. The production was in charge of Jaime Romandia, Gibran Portela, and Amat Escalante, with the producers Mantarraya Producciones and Tres Tunas. Also with the support of the coproducers Pimienta Films, Snow Globe, Le Pacte, The Match Factory, Mer Film, Adomeit Film, Labodigital, and Copenhagen Film Fund.

The movie reflects Alejandra's life who is a young woman raising her kids with her husband Angel in a little city. Her brother Fabian is a nurse at the local hospital. Their lives change when Veronica arrives. Sex and family are very fragile in some areas where family values exist and the hipocresy, homophobia and male percepction are strong. Veronica convinced them that in the woods, in an isolate cabin there is something out of this world but it is the answer to all of their problems. It is something which you can't resist and they will need to make peace with it or suffer its rage.

"It is my vision of the fight towards the independence of a woman and her 2 little kids versus the obstacles that the culture in which she was born and grew up has: male chauvinist, misogynism, and homophobic and what happens when something out of this world could be the solution to all the problems." - Amat Escalante 

About being part of the Venice International Film Festival the director said: "I'm really excited that the film is part of the competition in the Official Selection category at the festival, one of the most antique and prestigious in the world." - Amat Escalante 

Jaime Romandia, the film's producer, shared his thoughts too:
"The Untamed is an important story that takes to the limit Amat's narrative, exploring new territories without leaving aside that essence of social perception his movies have. Amat shows us once more his great skills as a writer and director."

About the film in the festival, Romandia explains: "We are really proud of being part of the Official Selection of the Venice International Film Festival. I believe that this film is a natural addition to a festival with such an heterogenous selection in which a lot of interesting and genuine titles coexist, such as Amat's film."

Since he started, Amat Escalante has been a director with a really specific personality that has taken us to the cliff of human emotions, just as in Sangre (2005), Los Bastardos (2008) Revolución (2010), and Heli (2013), which make him won the Best Director Award in Cannes.

The festival takes place from August 31st to September 10th.